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Julie Milleret.

Graduated from the Architecture National School of Toulouse, those 5 years enabled me to understand that architecture
is not restricted to an unique way of building. I soon learned that traveling was the best way to enrich my inspiration and thus my career.

I first worked for two years in France, collaborating with architects on different projects, from designing individual or collective housing
to the realization of public buildings: school complex, commercial buildings, or even place of worship. Since my first projects,
I understood that the complexity of this profession was to create an architecture connecting with its environment but also
designing spaces where people feel comfortable and fitting their lifestyle.
Architects must always realize buildings as a whole and atmospheres in their least subtleties.

In 2012, I decided to try my luck overseas, learn from other cultures and share my ideas with people who lived through different experiences.
Diversity, exchange are the keys of creativity. After Australia and South East Asia, I found my place in Bali. I first worked for an
architecture studio, Habitat 5, collaborating with other architects on traditional and contemporary projects around Indonesia.
I had the privilege to contribute to a couple of fascinating projects located in the most beautiful sites.

My best opportunity was probably when I joined an interior design team to work on the extension and renovation of Nihiwatu Resort
in Sumba Island
, recently ranked as the world’s best hotel of 2016 from Travel + Leisure. Our goal in this project was to preserve
the primitive spirit of this island and offer to the guests an authentic experience in a luxury environment.

In a totally different style, I also participated in another big project of luxury hotel in Maldives: Lux South Ari Atoll Resort.
We were more than 20 nationalities reunited on this “resort island” for its big renovation upgrading the hotel to a luxury level
in a very contemporary style.

Today, I’m trying to connect all my skills and experiences, all the technics I learnt over the countries I visited, to carry out a very
ambitious project… Nusahibi Ecolodge, which should see the day soon, will also contribute to the development of this mysterious island,
Sumba, respecting its environment by using ecological and sustainable resources.



Any project starts by the comprehension of the site and its environment. It’s therefore necessary to understand the qualities and the flows of the place in order to reveal the best side of it. It’s also very important to define targets and follow directive intentions: that will help to create a project with simplicity and evidence.


The precise representation of a project allows a better understanding and appreciation of it. I’m using 3D modeling software and rendering programs (sketchup, artlantis, photoshop) to expose the atmosphere of the created spaces, explain the materials and colors selection and show how the project integrates its environment.


Once the images approved, it needs to deepen each constructive element. This phase is essential to prepare the construction reality and give the project finesse and subtlety. But whatever the project stage is, we always have to keep in mind the initial intentions and strive to achieve the targets.

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